Welcome to Cora Art Shop❣

Our Values as a Small Business

Positivity, realistic representation of our bodies and being eco-friendly are at the heart (wink-wink) of Cora Art. I want to make empowering artwork that is not only nice to look at but is kind to the planet too!
All our packaging is recyclable and can be reused. Check out our Eco page to find out more about the shop's packaging and products.

About Me - The Founder of Cora Art

I'm Gheanielle (pronounced 'jan-yel') and I'm a Filipina artist who immigrated to the UK when I was 4 years old!
I'm an animation student but I'm currently taking a year out to be a first time mumma! Seeing my body change during my pregnancy has been such an amazing experience but it's definitely had its challenges. Making body positive artwork has really helped me through it.
Many of my sketchbooks are filled with studies of the female form, something I've come to love through my years as an art student, particularly through life drawing sessions. I created this lovely little art shop to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our bodies and share my artwork with as many people as I can!

Why 'Cora'?

Cora is based on my mother's maiden name and I've dedicated this shop to my wonderful and hardworking family. I was brought up in a matriarchal family with Lolas, Nanays and Titas (grandmothers, mothers and aunties) who were hell-bent on empowering all of us to go out into this western world and do what we love. These are the women in my life who continue to support and inspire me everyday and that is fundamentally what Cora Art Shop is all about.

The Core Values I have for Cora Art Shop are:

❤ The empowerment and celebration of women, girls and all beautiful folks out there
❤ To promote body positivity
❤ Encourage Self Love
❤ To show diversity and inclusivity in everything I make. 
We need more reminders, especially in today's world, that there are more than a couple of types of bodies out there. Every one is unique and everyone is beautiful.

Contact Me

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If you have any other questions, check out our FAQs.