Educare University

Sometimes, the best gift is something from the heart. 

For your parents anniversary, a portrait of their wedding day.

 For your friends, a recreation of that perfect/funny photo together, but this time accompanied by a selection of your favourite fictional characters.

And for your pets, a stunning portrait of that photo they just look amazing in, so you can always keep them in your home.

 Or maybe you want something just for you.

 Cora Art Portraits is about sharing memories through art. You already have the photos, so let me immortalise those intimate moments (and add any extras you think suit them). The special moments in your life deserve to be a piece of artwork, displayed proudly for you and your loved ones.

Clean and cute. Great for making those moments more meaningful. We're focusing on you and your loved ones. Choose your background colour.

Simple Line Illustration

Simple artwork for special moments

This is the one for those looking for bright and lively piece of art. Colours can be customised to your hearts content.

Full Shaded Illustration

Capturing loved one in colour

I know family comes in lots of sizes so I'm ready to illustrate all loved ones!

Couples, Families and Groups

No one is left behind!

Interested? Get in touch with your idea!